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The Company

Since 2015, EDILNET - Network dell'Edilizia Etica e Sostenibile has been supporting the competitive repositioning of the local production system by planning and implementing actions for the development of the construction sector of the region of Calabria.

Project requirements

  • Website redesign
    Review of the Information Architecture and modification of the User Interface;
  • A new section dedicated to Services
    A new page in the sitemap collects the services offered to private individuals.

Project phases



Stakeholder Interview, Design Strategy, Competitive Analysis



Brand development, Target Market, Brand Values



Sitemap, Information Architecture, Wireframe, Prototype



Full color design, WordPress development


Stakeholder Interview

The stakeholder interview aims to understand and frame a problem area, collect requirements and understand brand vision, overall goals and challenges.

Why it needs a redesign?

  • There was no trust building up. The brand values of the company were not clearly visible on the website to the potential partners;
  • There was no structure to the content, long text for the explanation that doesn't shine a light on the services;
  • There was no proper CTA (Call to Action) on the website. It looks more like an informative website. "Partner with us" has no Contact option;
  • There was no Design System to show the different types of content or a visual style that reflects the brand values.
  • Edilnet website before the redesign.

Design Strategy

The key to effective content marketing is centered around quality content with the right intent. If the traffic is well optimized, it will be easier to convert.

Redesigning the website to make it easy to understand the company value and facilitate a positive user experience through informative and relevant content to navigate potential partners in the right direction.

Informational Users want to know how the partnership works. 

Navigational Users are looking for a specific company.

Brand Awareness Build a strategy to inform potential customers about Edilnet partnership and services.

Conversions Build the website to maximize the percentage of visitors taking the desired action.


Defining objectives and analyzing the product's strengths is the first research stage. Creating a set of brand values and defining a target audience is necessary to design a website that communicates the brand appropriately.

Brand Goals

To increase the individual and collective competitiveness of the entrepreneurial system of the Calabrian building industry.

With the definition of a competitive and sustainable development program.

Green building Productive Metadistrict

Brand Values


Target Market

For the network program, Edilnet addresses enterprises of the building sector present on the territory of the Calabria region. The objective is to start a Productive Metadistrict of Green building.


Card Sorting

Card Sorting is a valuable technique for designing information architecture. Since the website is online, the contents are already defined. They need to be reorganized under the proper categories to guarantee adequate navigation to users.



There will be five navigation menu items, including Home. The item About us will include information about the company (head office, offices, etc.) and the project, including the network bodies and member companies, which are currently under another voice menu.

The item Our Services collects the services offered by Edilnet. The heading Become our Partner will contain helpful content for companies wishing to join. There are two contact forms on the Contact Us page, one for sending the partnership application and the other one for requesting information.

The items on level A will be displayed in the site's navigation menu. The items on sub-level B are not necessarily menu sub-items.




The header consists of two horizontal bands. The top header contains the logo, and the second one includes the navigation menu designed to be easier to navigate. It is also possible to insert social icons.


The background hero image will be an evocative image of the company's values. A title and a subtitle explaining the company's mission will be displayed in the overlay; the button will lead to an internal page (e.g., "About us").


Includes the Call To Action to join the Network. The section can accommodate the value proposition and reinforce the message to suppliers and businesses. The primary button will take users to the partnership rules, the secondary button to the partnership application form.


The "SuperBonus" service is prominent, followed by 2 or 3 other services. Each service can have a category, a title, a description, and an image. Clicking on the individual block takes the user to the service detail page. The button at the end of the section leads to the internal page "Our services".


This section will show the companies' logos that have joined the Network. The aim is to reinforce the values of transparency and reliability that Edilnet wishes to convey. The section scrolls horizontally.


The section leads to the page where there will be two forms, one to send the request to join the Network and the second one to request information.


The image will lead to the White Paper about building sustainability published by Edilnet.


In the footer, there are all the contact details, the address of the head office, VAT number, and the institutional and partners' logos.



Design System





Buttons and Input